California State University Sacramento

American Education at AIC Campus

American International Campus (AIC Campus) is one of the leading transnational higher education providers in the country, was established under IMC/AIC Education consortium to provide total higher educational solutions to aspiring young students.

The American University Transfer program with California State University, Sacramento State is one of the few American State University specific Transfer Programs in the Country. Sacstate is one of the top 100 universities in the United States.

Sri Lankan Students can study first two years at AIC Campus in Sri Lanka and Transfer to California State University Sacstate to complete the Degree.

Sacramento State University Degree Programs

Engineering and Computer Science

BS in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
BS in Mechanical Engineering
BS in Civil Engineering
BS in Computer Engineering
BS in Computer Science

Natural Sciences and Mathematics – Biological Sciences

BS in Bio – Medical Science
Bio – Medical Sciences
Cell and Molecular Biology
Forensic Sciences


Micro Economics
Macro Economics
International Economics

Natural Sciences and Mathematics – Chemistry

BS in Chemistry
BS in Bio Chemistry

Natural Sciences and Mathematics – Physical Sciences

BS in Physics
BS in Applied Physics
BS in Astronomy

Natural Sciences and Mathematics – Mathematics and Statistics

BS in Mathematics
BS in Pure Mathematics
Applied Mathematics

College of Arts

BA in Photography and Interior Design
BS in Graphic Design and Statistics

Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies

BA in Psychology
BA in Economics

California State University Sac State – World Class Education in a Vibrant Urban Oasis

Sacramento state (Sac state) is an outstanding and affordable comprehensive university located few miles away from the state capitol.
Class rooms, labs, administrative offices and other facilities are nestled in a 3,500 tree urban forest alongside the American river. In addition to the bustling university life, all that Sacramento has to offer is moments away.
With an exceptional faculty dedicated to student success, with one professor for every 27 students and an average of 34 students in each class room Sac state’s legacy is its proud alumni, who make up the heart of the region’s workforce and some of its finest leaders.

Why California State (Sacramento State) University as Academic Partner

Founded in 1947 consist of 7 faculties offering 58 undergraduate majors.
Overall Ranking 82 in the US and 55 in Engineering Programs.
Outstanding, Affordable and Comprehensive University just a few miles from California’s Capitol.
Sac State Construction Management Department has 100 percent job placement since 2011, and their graduates are managing major construction projects throughout the region – and beyond.
Sac State's CIMERA (Center for Interdisciplinary Molecular Education, Research and Advancement) is a state-of-the-art lab dedicated to cell and molecular biology, and biochemistry research and education.
Sac State students consistently win top honors at CSUPERB, the CSU competition that matches them with faculty scholars to solve real-world biotechnology problems.
The Capital Fellows Programs are consistently ranked as one of the nation's top 10 internships
Sac State is home for the nation's second-largest Criminal Justice program.
Save over 50% of costs compared to studying in USA for four years
California State University Sacstate is a UGC Recognized Foreign University
Assured Credit Transfer and Visa Success at the time transfer to after completing first two years.

United States of America, the Destination of Choice for Higher Education

United States of America is the most popular destination of choice for students from all over the world, mainly due to the quality of their higher education system. Over one million overseas students enroll with American universities each year.

Entry Requirements (Three Year Bachelors Program)

G. C. E. A/Levels – Local or London
G. C. E. O/Levels – Local or London

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