ESIGELEC Engineering Transfer Program

ESIGELEC, one of the leading Graduate School of Engineering in France, and AIC, Program Delivery Center in Sri Lanka, propose in partnership a Preparatory Program in 2 years in Sri Lanka (approved by ESIGELEC and organized by AIC), leading to the Engineering Program in 3 years of ESIGELEC in France. This program, over 5 years in total, is unique in the academic cooperation between Sri Lanka and France, and leads to the famous French engineering degree (« Master’s Degree ») of ESIGELEC, accredited by the French State.

It is clearly a program of excellence, offering to the students the possibility to develop their skills and their knowledge in engineering, their ability to adapt to an international environment and to discover a new language and a new culture, in a country, France, where Engineering is seen as a domain excellence, everywhere in the world !

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