ESIGELEC Graduate school of engineering is part of the French Grande ecole Group called Conference des Grande ecole, located in a industrial city called rouen. this prestigious institution was started in 1901 with a vision of becoming one of the leading Research and development institutions in the world which motivated them to start irseem ( embedded electronic systems research institute ) with the support of industries and institutional bodies. This lab is equipped with high-tech machines and facilitates research lab facilities for industries.

Esigelec is focused on producing engineering graduates to contribute to industries which have Automation and robotics, Biomedical engineering, Automotive and Aeronautics, Business Engineering , Big data and Environmental engineering.

Esigelec works with over 3000 companies to provide employment and internship opportunities for students, where they organize annual career fairs and invite companies to have their stalls. This way students meet these industry engineers during their course of study and learn the necessary attributes a engineer should have when they graduate.

Why Esigelelc
• More than 9000 graduates since its creation in 1901
• More than 1650 students
• 36 % of international students in the engineering programme
• 407 academic and administrative people, including 335 teaching staff (62 permanent teachers, 45 visiting professors from partner universities abroad, 83 experts from industry, 145 professors from universities or independent/language teachers), and 72 administrative people
• 5 departments : Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunication, Electrical Engineering and Energy, Embedded Systems and Instrumentation, Humanities Languages and Management
• A research institute for embedded electronic systems (IRSEEM)
• 85 university partnerships in 40 different countries
• A network of 3000 corporate partners
• Around 51% of graduates found a job before finishing their studies and 95% of all students found a job in less than 6 months (in 2012). 53% of them found jobs in the areas of Paris and 10% abroad
• A campus of 12, 000 square meters, which has received the prize “Auguste Perret” for its nice architecture. An extra surface of 5,000 square meters dedicated to Research, Innovation and Transfer of Technologies (The Campus for Integration of Embedded Systems – CISE) was opened in 2012.

Majors at Esigelec

• Electronic for Automotive and Aeronautics systems
• Automation and industrial robotics
• Electrical engineering and transport
• Mechatronics and Electrical engineering
• Embedded systems engineering, Autonomous vehicles
• Embedded systems engineering, Communicating objects
• Energy and sustainable development
• Medical engineering
• Communications engineering
• Network architecture and security
• Digital service engineering
• Big data for digital transformation
• Business engineering, networks and telecommunications
• Business engineering ,energy and signals
• Financial engineering

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