Facilities and Resources at AIC Campus

AIC Campus is located in one of the most modern and architecturally designed city campuses in Colombo 05. The campus is located in close proximity to many student resource centers like AFKo (Alliance Francaise de Kotte), Campus France, The British Council, and American Center. Many embassies and overeats missions are located within close proximity to AIC Campus. The campus is located in Colombo 05 Havelock Town in Thimbirigasyaya Junction and there is easy access from both high level road and Galle Road. The Wellawatta railway station is located within walking distance. There is adequate parking space for students and faculty.

Multimedia Enabled Classrooms

AIC Campus has several classrooms which are ready for international standard university education and learning. All classrooms are fully air conditioned and has multimedia facilities. Classrooms have power outlets and high speed WiFi internet access provided through Fiber Optic connection for all students to use their laptops and other portable / mobile devices to enable paperless classroom concept of AIC Campus. All furniture in the classrooms are designed according to ergonomic concepts that facilitate university learning and teaching. There are classrooms designed for tutoring as well as lecture sessions and all such classrooms are designed to encourage student and faculty interaction.

Science and Engineering Labs

At AIC Campus students are given access to all the required Biology, Chemistry and Physics laboratory facilities. All labs are designed upto the expectations of the partner universities and are equipped with the latest tools, specimens and material. Students are encouraged to engage in undergraduate level research work which develops their critical thinking, and analytical / scientific decision making.

Student Lounge

Student lounge at AIC Campus is the place for students to relax after their busy class sessions. The student lounge provides students access to WiFi, Large display Television with Cable TV access, and many games. Student Lounge has seating space for many students and is fully air conditioned.

Student Admission and Career Counseling area

The career counseling center is located in Ground floor and is one of the most resourced divisions and is the only such facility in Sri Lanka. There are 5 counseling rooms each with Multimedia and TV facilities. Students and parents could meet professional career guidance counselors at AIC Campus and get valuable advise on selecting a suitable career and education program.

Academic Center

Academic center houses the offices of all professors and faculty members at AIC Campus. Students could meet their academic advisors and tutorial staff at AIC Campus and obtain additional help they need.

Student Dining Area

There is dedicated dining area for students in AIC Campus ground floor . There is adequate seating for students and the outdoor dining area has become popular among students. The indoor dining area has seating capacity for approximately 50 students and is fully air conditioned. TV and high speed WiFi internet access is provided. Outdoor dining area is located close to AIC Campus cafeteria and is used by students who want to enjoy a unique dining experience.

Faculty Dining Area

There is a separate area allocated for AIC Faculty and staff to have their meals. Located in the 3rd floor this area allows faculty and staff members to have their meal of choice. The area has seating for approximately 20 staff members to dine at a given time.

Study Room

There is a dedicated study room for silent study work of students. The study room has adequate seating and power outlets for the students to engage in various study activities. Students could bring their own books or refer the books from AIC Campus faculty reference book collection. Also students could access the online journal articles through their own laptops.

Learning Management System (LMS)

All the students at AIC Campus are given access to the state of the art LMS developed by AIC Campus. Students can download their study notes or could upload their assignments and reports. The LMS has all the learning and support material required by the students.

Restaurants and Food

AIC Campus houses a cafe which provides variety of different food items at an affordable cost. The cate operates from 8 am to 4 pm and there is breakfast and lunch menus are very popular among the students. AIC Campus is located close to many popular coffee shops including Java Lounge, E-Cafe, Paan-paan, and Sen-Saal, and Fab caterers.