The International School of Management (ISM) Dortmund was the only private German business school featured in the rankings top group in Germany. In comparison with universities of applied science throughout Germany, ISM is rated the second best. The ISM offers its students a comprehensive international education. The ISM has campuses across Dortmund, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart and Berlin. All degree programs at the ISM are distinguished by their internationality and praxis-orientation. Projects in small groups are as much a regular part of university life as integrated semesters of study abroad and international modules at one of over 180 partner universities of the ISM.

ISM’s faculty consists of experienced lecturers that have industry knowledge, extensive management experience and well developed problem solving skills. With performance and internal processes being constantly evaluated and further developed, the International School of Management’s faculty is guaranteed to deliver excellence both when it comes to teaching and counselling. The environment and atmosphere of the prestigious institute fosters a positive and motivating learning environment and ensures on going national and international growth.

Why Study at International School of Management (ISM), University of Applied Sciences

• The International School of Management (ISM) cultivates outstanding young professionals.
• The International School of Management (ISM) enhance applied research and promote young researchers.
• The International School of Management (ISM) foster the regional integration and trans regional reputation of ISM.

Popular Programs at ISM

• B.Sc. International Management
• M.Sc. International Management
• M.A. Strategic Marketing Management
• M.Sc. Finance
• M.Sc. Business Intelligence & Data Science
• M.Sc. International Logistics & Supply Chain Management
• M.A. Luxury, Fashion & Sales Management
• M.A. International Business
• MBA General Management